Nationally Determined Contributions

The 2030-secretariat has gone through the Nationally Determined Contributions for a better understanding on what countries aim to achieve within the transport sector, with a focus on the switch to renewable energy, improved public transports and increased energy efficiency. The report also relates the targets to Sweden’s fossil independent transport sector target.

General conclusions

Transport is key to climate mitigation, and indeed 63% of the NDCs cover transport mitigation, as has been previously reported by SLoCat and others. While not all NDCs cover adaptation, even those that do rarely specify adaptation measures for the transport sector.

Within transports, we find that three issues dominate the NDC:s:

  • Fuel switch to renewable fuels and electrification, particularly for passenger cars
  • Increased energy efficiency, particularly for passenger cars
  • Improved public transport, particularly for cities

We find less emphasis on reducing transport demand, on the transport of goods and on shipping. Non-motorised transports are only at the centre of attention in a few countries.

Read the full report here!